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Brunna Moraes

Head of Marketing

Introducing Brunna, our dynamic Head of Marketing at TSM. With a boundless enthusiasm for marketing and sales, Brunna is our go-to problem solver, always ready to tackle challenges with strategic solutions.

With over a decade of experience in B2B environments, Brunna possesses a deep understanding of sales cycles, c-level relationships, and effective team management. Her data-driven approach ensures that our marketing efforts are not only innovative but also highly impactful.

Beyond her professional achievements, Brunna brings a unique perspective to the table. She loves to compare surfing to the sales cycle, finding parallels between riding the waves and navigating the complexities of business. When she’s not analysing market trends or devising new strategies, you can find her catching waves, capturing moments through her camera lens, or immersing herself in the world of musicals.
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