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Step into the heart of London’s procurement and supply chain scene with our exclusive networking events, proudly sponsored by TSM.

We’re shaking up the usual business gathering vibe to bring you something fresh – think less formal, more friendly chat over a morning brew. TSM is putting the spotlight on industry camaraderie by offering a platform for professionals to mingle, share experiences, and spark insightful conversations.

Our aim is to promote a fresh space where the ‘usual-suspects’ roster of speakers and corporate sales pitches take a back seat.

Instead, picture a relaxed setting where industry insiders gather to swap stories, share insights, and maybe even share a laugh or two over a light breakfast.

Initially held quarterly in different London locations (moving around the UK later), each event kicks off with a bite-sized introduction to the day’s topic, paving the way for meaningful connections and idea exchanges.

Join us and be part of this vibrant community where networking meets genuine engagement.

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Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to connect with fellow thought leaders and team members, and who knows, you might even pick up a new trick or two along the way!

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