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Charlie Fotheringham

Sales Executive

Charlie Fotheringham is a seasoned Sales Executive specialising in the lead generation and sales of Ivalua Source-to-Pay (S2P) applications. With a keen understanding of the importance of clarity and efficiency in the sales process, Charlie excels in delivering pertinent information to prospects swiftly and concisely, empowering them to make informed decisions about Ivalua/TSM’s relevance to their needs.

In his role, Charlie acts as a trusted advisor, ensuring transparency and honesty in every interaction. If Ivalua/TSM isn’t the right fit for a prospect, Charlie is forthright about it. Conversely, when there’s alignment between prospect requirements and Ivalua/TSM offerings, Charlie seamlessly connects them with the UK’s leading S2P experts, facilitating further exploration and partnership.

Charlie’s professional acumen is complemented by his credentials, including a CIPS L4 certification and Ivalua L1 proficiency, attesting to his deep understanding of procurement processes and technology solutions. Outside of his professional pursuits, Charlie is an avid sports enthusiast, with football holding a special place in his heart, reflecting his passion for competition and teamwork.

In Charlie Fotheringham, TSM possesses a Sales Executive whose dedication to clarity, integrity, and client-centricity drives success in the realm of S2P application sales, while his love for sports underscores his dynamic and well-rounded persona.

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