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Louise Wilkinson

Account Manager

Louise Wilkinson is a seasoned professional renowned for her unwavering dedication to nurturing robust client relationships and spearheading initiatives that drive tangible results. With an impressive tenure spanning over 25 years in account management and client success, Louise has refined her ability to comprehend client needs, craft bespoke solutions, and ensure enduring satisfaction.

At the forefront of her endeavors is the development and implementation of comprehensive account management strategies, meticulously tailored to align with both client objectives and organizational goals. Louise’s proactive approach to client engagement is exemplified through her commitment to fostering enduring relationships, characterised by regular communication, unwavering support, and strategic guidance.

A collaborative spirit underscores Louise’s approach, as she seamlessly collaborates with internal teams to deliver customised solutions, address client challenges, and maximise value creation. Her illustrious career is punctuated by notable achievements, including being honored with the “”Excellence in Partner Commitment”” award at the Microsoft Great Plains Global Sales Summit in North Dakota, as well as receiving the esteemed Microsoft 100% Club Award at the 100% Club Sales Summit in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Beyond her professional accolades, Louise’s life is colored by remarkable experiences, such as attending the Oscars, a testament to her vibrant and multifaceted persona. In Louise Wilkinson, TSM finds not only a consummate professional but also a beacon of excellence and inspiration in the realm of client engagement and success.

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