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Peter Layzell

General Manager

As head of the business, Pete has overall responsibility for strategic decisions and our vision and ‘big picture’ of TSM. Supported by a highly experienced and talented team, and drawing on his many years of best practice and solutions experience, he will help you navigate the art-of-the-possible using case study and best practice examples of Spend Management.

He has been with Touchstone since 2004, and throughout that time his focus and passion has always been for problem-solving. He loves the opportunity to listen to your current business issues, to understand your goals and aspirations regarding improving processes and increasing efficiencies, and he is ideally placed to both understand and position the answers to your challenges.

Importantly, he understands that implementing new systems and processes can only come as part of a new culture of working or way of thinking, and can give pragmatic advice on how best to address the wider issues beyond simply a software implementation project. He loves sport and music (nothing unusual there, granted) but far prefers to be present in the moment, resulting in trips the length and breadth of the country following his football team, and going to gigs several times each month, sometimes combining the two passions into long, very messy days out!

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