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Forestreet and TSM join forces to enhance supplier discovery solutions 

We are excited to announce a new collaboration between Forestreet and TSM, a consultancy specialising in the implementation of procurement systems.  

Research shows that 40% of sourcing professionals spend an average of three months completing a single supplier search, yet they can only review a few dozen suppliers from thousands. TSM recognises this industry-wide challenge, witnessing this firsthand across its client base, and has opted to partner with Forestreet. This collaboration will provide TSM clients with unparalleled access to a vast network of suppliers, supporting their procurement processes and driving efficiency. TSM, with its extensive expertise in procurement system implementation, will introduce Forestreet’s advanced supplier discovery solutions to its clients.

One of the key highlights of this partnership will be the ability for Forestreet to ‘plug in’ to TSM’s existing solution partners. Ivalua’s new add-on store will give users the opportunity to seamlessly access Forestreet’s comprehensive supplier data and access that data within the Ivalua platform.  
Look out for a future webinar where, together, we share our expertise on the challenges and best practices on global supplier discovery. Stay tuned for more updates and how it can benefit your procurement strategy.  
You can read more here: https://forestreet.com/forestreet-and-tsm-join-forces-to-enhance-supplier-discovery-solutions/

About Forestreet  

Forestreet is a next-generation SaaS vendor discovery tool at the forefront of transforming procurement. Leveraging cutting-edge AI, Forestreet empowers companies to revolutionise their procurement processes by enabling users to identify and shortlist suppliers in minutes rather than months. This innovative approach effectively de-risks the supply base, providing procurement teams with the speed and confidence needed to make informed decisions swiftly. By strengthening supplier relationships and driving business growth, Forestreet is making market and vendor discovery smarter and easier.  
To learn more, visit www.forestreet.com and follow us @forestreet  

About TSM 

We are a specialist team of purchasing and procurement consultants that implement and support Spend Management applications. We have a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge, and our customers benefit from the best practices and lessons learned from the many diverse Spend Management software projects we have delivered. We are a proud and fully certified Ivalua implementation partner and Ivalua’s Reseller of the year 2021. Our preferred role is that of implementation partner, where we plan together, scope and design together and share the challenges, goals and outcomes. We like to apply our experience through the recommendation of best practice wherever possible, with as limited an amount of customisation as possible – enough to make it function swiftly and easily without creating ‘a work of art’. Follow us @tsmconsulting.uk  

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