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Personalised Management Dashboards & Reporting

The Spend Management suite of applications has inherent standard reporting and dashboard tools that allow for rapid, user-friendly report design without the need for consultancy or detailed programming. The report library holds a series of template reports for most standard information needs, and uses the key supplier and transaction data from within P2P to quickly and easily publish regular reports.

Most of our clients go further and deploy our Advanced Reporting tool, powered by ETL Agile. This is a business intelligence and reporting solution built specifically to meet the needs of our Spend Management clients who need to bring information together from multiple application databases into one place for reporting purposes. A typical example of this is combining data from our P2P & Expenses platform and their Finance/ERP system to achieve a single picture of budgeted, committed and actual spend by supplier and category.

The deployment of Advanced Reporting allows for a single reporting layer across integrated, multiple applications where the powerful engine extracts, transforms and loads all the disparate data via a staging warehouse into a single data warehouse. This data warehouse provides the platform of a common ‘language’ and can be directly and easily accessed for use by either your existing data visualisation (i.e. dashboard) tools such as MS SQL Reporting Services, Qlik, Tableau, Targit or perhaps simply from within spreadsheets, making the user experience far more familiar, simple and logical.

Advanced cross-application reporting

Advanced cross-application reporting Spend Analysis is the process of collecting, cleansing, classifying and analyzing expenditure data with the purpose of reducing procurement costs, improving efficiency and monitoring compliance.

Touchstone Spend Analysis has made effective Spend Analysis far easier for procurement and finance professionals to implement and use without needing special skills, hefty capital investment or a collection of processes tagged onto an existing Financial Management or ERP package.

Cloud-based and mobile-ready, Spend Analysis combines sophisticated spend data capture, cleansing, enrichment and classification capabilities with powerful, intuitive, ready-to-use analysis tools. This visibility gives you all the information you need to identify and capture savings opportunities, identify and mitigate risks, improve process efficiencies and enhance performance

It is sophisticated, but remains easy to use, delivering powerful insights from the moment you turn it on. Comprehensive pre-built views and KPIs come with extensive filtering, point-and-click, drill-down options, and instant CSV export capabilities.

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