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Samantha Ansell

Integrations Consultant

Meet Samantha Ansell, our dedicated Integrations Consultant at TSM. Samantha brings a diverse skill set and a wealth of knowledge to our team.

Before joining TSM, Samantha honed her expertise as a software developer at a logistics company. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in computing, she possesses a strong foundation in technology and a keen understanding of integration solutions.

Samantha’s commitment to professional growth is evident through her pursuit of certifications and continued education. Currently holding a Level 2 Integrations qualification with iValua, she is actively working towards achieving Level 3. Additionally, Samantha recently completed a course on developing solutions for Microsoft Azure, further expanding her skill set.

With proficiency in various programming languages, including SQL, C#, vb.net, JavaScript, MVC, and razor pages, Samantha excels at creating tailored solutions to meet our clients’ integration needs.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Samantha’s hobbies reflect her diverse interests and love for learning. As a devoted parent, she enjoys engaging in arts, crafts, and baking activities with her children. Samantha also has a passion for music and enjoys attending live gigs and festivals, immersing herself in a wide range of musical genres. Her love for travel fuels her desire to explore different historical places and cultures, enriching her understanding of the world.

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