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Sarah Mountney

Senior Account Manager

Sarah Mountney is a Senior Account Manager at TSM, entrusted with the crucial task of managing and nurturing client relationships. With a keen focus on understanding clients’ needs, Sarah collaborates closely with them to devise strategies for achieving their objectives in partnership with TSM. Her proactive approach extends to actively engaging with clients’ teams, contributing to their spend management improvement programs and roadmaps.

Recognising the uniqueness of each client, Sarah excels in tailoring strategies to meet their individual needs, ensuring optimal alignment with TSM’s solutions. Beyond her professional endeavors, Sarah’s personal pursuits reflect her commitment to holistic well-being. As a five-time Ironman competitor and a qualified nutritionist, she firmly believes in the profound impact of physical health on emotional well-being.

Moreover, Sarah takes great pride in her role as a TSM Mental Health First Aider, demonstrating her dedication to supporting the mental well-being of her colleagues. In Sarah Mountney, TSM finds not only a skilled Senior Account Manager but also a compassionate advocate for holistic health and well-being, both within the organization and beyond.

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